Wedding Photography Tips Part 8: Now what?

So your wedding day is over... When do you see your photos?! How will they be presented? What should you do with them? Often within the two days after your wedding I will have emailed you a few preview images so you can update your profile photo on Facebook! Also, just to quench your photo thirst a little. After that you can expect about a four week wait (or if you have booked another photographer whatever time period your contract states) till you receive your images. How?



I have just started offering online gallery viewing. It means as soon as I have your photos ready, you don't have to wait yet another 4 days for them to arrive in the mail. You receive a link to view your images, and share with family and friends. We can also incorporate a mailing list; where I can collect guests emails at your reception on my iPad and let them all know when they can see your images so they can download some for themselves, or even order some prints. This is completely optional to you as the couple whether you would like this or not. You can view what a gallery could look like here through my shoot proof homepage.



Once you have your images, please same them in more than one place!! On your dropbox, in your laptop, on your external hard drive, both of them, on your Mum's computer. Technology is great, but I definitely don't trust it to save my wedding photos for me.

Don't consider this the end state of your wedding photographs - they don't want to sit for eternity inside a computer. You spent a lot of money on them, so you can should them! And let's face it, your Facebook profile will change as soon as you take a selfie on your honeymoon or your next Birthday. So I will say this....


PRINT your photos!

Print them at a beautiful professional lab ( I can help you do this as I know the best places), and frame them! Or just have them in your bedside draw to flick through. Better still, I can make you a fantastic album. or make a cheap one yourself if you must. Just do it. It is so important.

I have just recently put together a bunch of add-on collections that you can add to your wedding coverage, to make picking and choosing prints and albums a little easier to get your head around. Check these out in my Investment guide.

You can also see more of my albums here.




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