Wedding Photography Tips Part 6: Bridal Party & Couple Portraits

This is my favourite part.

Where we capture all my favourite photos and probably yours too.

Together we will mutually agree on a great spot for your portraits. Even better if your venue has great spots for photos on the property. Rural venues often have fabulous paddocks or forests to shoot in and around. Either way, we will find a nearby location with lovely natural, green areas to shoot in.

It is good to have at least an hour and a half for your shoot together, and preferably during the hours just before sunset, so have a think about this when planning your reception start time. You can talk to your photographer (me?) about the best timing if you are unsure - we appreciate being taken into consideration and all we want is to be able to create the best photographs for you.

 We can still capture great images 5 hours before sunset.. but the mood that the light creates just the hour or two before is just magic. *swoon!*

First off we do bridal party shots. Just the girls, just the boys, everyone together, sometimes individuals or smaller groups if you wish, if you have siblings or particular friends that you would like a photo with, as time permits. We can then leave your bridal party to chill out, have a beer or glass of bubbly while we do the rest.  Here are some group shots that are taken at all different times of afternoon.



Next is that part where we take some time with just the two of you, and probably grab a few extra individual and detail shots.... I usually send through a few of these the few days after your wedding as a preview. And these are the images that will probably end up on the walls of your home as art.

 Untitled15WEB-lostinwishfulthinking-marburgcountryweddingphotographer-nikkk&dale-255diptych 24
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