Wedding Photography Tips Part 4: Ceremony

  Ahh, the ceremony! The most beautiful, emotional part of the day. The reason for which all of this is happening! Let's make your photos of it a perfect recreation of those memories. It is a perfect moment for the photographer to capture guests interacting, ceremony details, smiles, hugs and tears.



Your ceremony location should have wonderful lighting and be gorgeous inside and out! Look at the windows, and available space for additional decor such as flowers or lighting. Decorating this space doesn’t have to be expensive, simple things like a little ornamental vase of flowers on a podium could be all you need. Or perhaps some floral-dyed silk ribbon on the pews?

If there is access for me to get to all sides of the altar/wherever you are standing, without having to walk in front of the pews or rows of chairs, means more variety in the angles I can shoot from. A few modern chapels such as Henzells Chapel, Topiaries or Annabella Chapel (see chapel image below) have doors on the front and sides of the chapel which allows not only air flow, and an abundance of natural light, it allows me to get in around the sides of the pews with minimal disturbance to guests trying to enjoy your ceremony.

Another popular topic regarding your ceremony is whether to have it "unplugged" or not. Some photographers have it written into their contract that you must tell your guests they are not allowed any photographic devices; I don't do this, as the choice is up to you, though other people using recording devices of the photographic or film kind will have its affect on your images.

If you want to know any other suggestions for ceremony venues and celebrants I would love to help.

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