Wedding Photography Tips Part 2: Engagement Session

Often the first time I meet my couples these days is on their complimentary engagement shoot. It is potentially the first time you both will have professional photographs taken of you both, so it can be daunting! See it as more than just a practice session in front of the camera, it is a chance to create some perfect memories of that wonderful time when you were engaged! WEB-lostinwishfulthinking-nikkianddalecountryengagement-DSC_5851-2

Not all photographers do one complimentary upon booking wedding coverage, so take this into consideration when booking. Personally, I like to offer an engagement shoot as part of every booking as I find them so much fun and help us get to know each other with the camera in between.
We often shoot in a local park, nature reserve, beach, or almost any other place that you can suggest that might have meaning to you both! I can help with location choices and I often like to go for “golden hour” portrait sessions, as that is when the light is softest and most beautiful - in my opinion!


If you have no idea what to wear you can have a search through Pinterest and see some ideas for outfit combinations and the kind of shoots we might do.


Most engagement shoots are pretty casual affairs, but I am happy to jazz it up for you, we can include flowers, styling and  outfit changes if you want to.



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