Wedding Photography Tips Part 1: Booking a photographer

I have been shooting weddings for a couple of years now, and having just had my own wedding in August 2015, I thought I might share some tips on how to get the best out of your photography on your big day.

What I want to highlight in this series of blog posts is how you can prepare before the day in order to help your photographer capture all the moments you truly want captured, and to help make your images that little extra special, so you are over the moon with the outcome. I also hope to highlight some of my favourite venues, locations, vendors, shots and how I work.


Photographers can often be one of the first vendor’s to be booked far in advance, I have bookings for most months of 2016 and have even had enquiries for 2017! Alongside us, venues and celebrants are apparently also first to be booked out, so it is a good idea to starting looking into it early on in your engagement when setting the date for the wedding. If you are interested in hearing more about my wedding photography, please get in touch via my contact form! My most popular package  has previously been 6 hours priced at $1900.


Choosing your photographer is one of the first things about your wedding you must think about in regards to importance, budget and availability.
It is often said that assigning a brilliant photographer to capture your day is of high importance, as they will help you remember all the other features you spent money on. Which is true, we do love all the details, like flowers, a beautiful guest book table, thoughtful favours, and we want to be able to capture it for you.


One of the most important things you should know is that your final photos can come down to much more than your photographer’s talent. The effort you put into picking beautiful locations/venues with lovely lighting and access, as well as finer details in the flowers and decorations will result in magical images more so than in a badly-lit and plain function room. The details at your wedding, will never go unnoticed by a photographer, we love to photograph them as they often tell the whole story of your relationship to date and to come.


To begin elsewhere you might want to check out some of my favourite sources of inspiration:


I photograph weddings in Australia, so far it has been predominantly Brisbane, naturally as it is my home town, but further afield is exciting too! Take me to Yamba, Byron Bay, Lamington National Park, Toowoomba, Maleny, Mount Tamborine, Hamilton Island, Melbourne, anywhere!


P.S. This is me at a friend's wedding, October 2015... ! :) HI!
Photo Credit: handsome husband, Jean Puechmarin


More to come....
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