Old Museum Weddings

lostinwishfulthinking-oldmuseumweddings So I just found out that my wedding dreams have come true.

Though just a little too late, seeing as I got married last August... Through the magical world of Facebook advertising, I just saw that my favourite Brisbane building, The Old Museum, are now allowing wedding ceremonies and receptions to be held there.

So check out this website.. Apparently this catering company Cuisine on Cue have exclusive rights to weddings at The Old Museum. And you are able to book for both ceremonies and receptions at the venue.

So just saying I will love you forever if you book me for your Old Museum Wedding - maybe if you mention this post I will through in a deal or something... that is how excited I am!!


To celebrate, here are some images from 2013 (gasp!) that I shot in the Old Museum alongside my lovely friend Taylor Kezia Photography.