{Tangible Products} Print is not dead

I hold tangible things close to my heart, literally, because I can. They are a physical thing. Magazines, I love them, I can make several trips to a newsagents a month, every time one of my favourites is released. I really should just get a subscription.. but I forget to organise it, and then another month goes by, and I find myself hunting down Féte or White in newsagents once again, and can sometimes visit a few until I find them. That is why I have been looking for what I think are the perfect options to complement my photographs. I like to think I can be a little environmentally friendly in my approach too - so I hope you can appreciate that, and love what I have to offer.

In searching out these earth-friendly options, I am just slowly gathering an array of beautiful products to offer my clients as an option once they have had a shoot with me. I have sourced eco-friendly albums with beautiful linens and hessian covers, as well as a local supplier of recycled wooden frames. Matt at Big River made me these frames shown below, the wood salvaged from a worker's cottage on Brisbane's south. I love knowing that bit of history - it truly makes them so magical to me.

I almost didn't want to part with those frames - take a look at that gorgeous finish and the old nail holes (the more character the better!)