Sydney for the first time

A short flight on a Friday night, and after almost 23 years, I am in Sydney. Seeing the city for the first time by streetlight did not quench my curiosity, perhaps even just made me even more eager to get out and absorb the neighbourhoods of Sydney as soon as possible.

I am a self-proclaimed sticky-beak and I certainly took my time when I spied a terrace house of particular beauty to walk a little slower in order to take all of its beauty in. Sydney is certainly a beautiful city - you should know that my love for anything old is undying, so all the old terraces and city buildings suit me to the ground. The city is full of history being relived in new ways.

However, I came home to Brisbane, and lifted the curtain in my bedroom, overlooking our beautiful backyard and felt a wave of gratitude that I have grown up here; with wide suburban streets, huge sloping backyards, swing sets, cubby houses, with my schools and friends close, and the city only a 10 minute drive away. Sydney is busy and full of life, and Brisbane is slightly slower and feels more spacious. More than anything this weekend showed me how much I love my home space and the value I place on where I live.

And all over again I cannot stop dreaming of living in the country.


Despite all that, I am looking forward to going back and seeing more of the amazing city called Sydney.



all photos taken on my iPhone