Life - Yamba Rock Wall

We walked from our unit to the rock wall below the lighthouse with intention to walk the length of it. However, the setting sun seemed liked it needed someone to admire it, so instead we sat a little uncomfortably on the rocks and watched the sunset before heading to Sol Cantina for Margaritas and the best Chilli Cheese Fries I have ever had.WEB-sm-hannahmccawley-yamba2013-14WEB-sm-hannahmccawley-yamba2013-13WEB-sm-hannahmccawley-yamba2013-11WEB-sm-hannahmccawley-yamba2013-10WEB-sm-hannahmccawley-yamba2013-9WEB-sm-hannahmccawley-yamba2013-8WEB-sm-hannahmccawley-yamba2013-7WEB-sm-hannahmccawley-yamba2013-5WEB-sm-hannahmccawley-yamba2013-4WEB-sm-hannahmccawley-yamba2013-1