Home is where the heart is

yamba photographer, yamba portrait photographer, lost in wishful thinking, clarence valley photographer Home is where the heart is.

A common saying. But common for a reason..

Home to me is in a familiar suburb, our house perched on our hill, just a little way down from the top, with the backyard I grew up playing in and brothers to bicker with. This home is the physical place where I can always go back to, after going anywhere else. It is like the buffer, the comforter, the reliable safety net where my heart can rest.

But then, my heart wanders...

My heart is an hour and a half inland atop a mountain plateau to the home where it is always so peaceful to wake up under several of Nan’s quilts, and I can delight in the display of blissful autumnal colours in shady avenues.

It wanders to another leafy mountain top where all the avocados grow small and sweet, cups of tea are endless and the confusion of guinea fowl run astray.

Then I can find it south at a beachside country town that I have visited as many times as there are years in my life, that nearly brings me to tears when I have to leave.


I have bits of my heart strewn across all these places, and I find I have a sense of home in all of these places. I hope that one day with my work as a photographer I can share my time around between all of these special places and more.. my love is easily given to any place quaint and full of character.




P.S. In case my riddles are all too much..

I am available for work not only in Brisbane, but Toowoomba, QLD; Mount Tamborine, QLD; Yamba, NSW and any place a car or plane can take me.